Practical gift can be surprising!

A towel, a blanket or a t-shirt can become uforgettable gift if we present it in an extraordinary form. Check, into what we are able to transform (by hand!) everyday items!
Shape in the box...
...appears to be a part of...
...practical item!

packaging Creative giftboxes

Packaging can be as important as a gift itself. That's why we devoloped original way of packing towels, t-shirt and blankets in which item works well with a box and both create amazing shape. With such packaging, you'll express more!

offer For commercial customers

Our handmade forms and creative giftboxes can be unique advertising gifts. We can change towel with embroided logo into form relating to occasion, customer's profile or campaign. We can even design towel-double of brand mascot!
Check, what we can make!

offer For private customers

Are you looking for a gift that is practical and unique! Check Otulami forms!
Check out, what we can make!