Mała Pracownia is a family-run manufacturer. Since 1996 we create unique, handmade advertising gifts – towels, t-shirts and blankets come out from us in amazing forms to bring joy and surprise worldwide.

Małgorzata Popek-Jobczyk, the owner of Mala Pracownia, graduated from Art High School in Nałęczów with toy design specialisation. After that she was teaching art, painting pictures, raising three sons and helping her husband in horticultural farm. One day t-shirts in her hands started changing into animals: snakes, snails, dogs etc. The same happened to towels and blankets. Each year she was designing new models and improving existing ones.

It soon turned out that formed towel or blanket with an embroidery or print is a wonderful advertising gift. Our customers from all sorts of companies, sports clubs, foundations, government units and educational establishments would prove that. Our offer enables them to choose a gift in a form that is most compatible with their line or even get a towel double of their company mascot (besides wide range of our standard models, we offer designing new, exclusive and customized product).

So if you are looking for interesting, extraordinary and practical gift, don’t hesitate to contact us! Towels, t-shirts and blankets can’t wait to be formed under your orders…

Our team

Małgorzata Popek-Jobczyk

Owner and designer

Daniel Jobczyk

Account manager (Polish customers)

Bartłomiej Jobczyk

Account manager (foreign customers), social media manager

Beata Montewka


Andrzej Jobczyk

graphic designer and photographer

Wojtek Jobczyk

social media manager

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For commercial customers

ur handmade forms and creative giftboxes can be unique advertising gifts. We can change towel with embroided logo into form relating to occasion, customer's profile or campaign. We can even design towel-double of brand mascot!
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For private customers

Are you looking for a gift that is practical and unique! Check Otulami forms!
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