T-shirt in good shape!

Printed t-shirt is a well-known advertising gift. Why don't we add to it WOW effect and present it as a funny figure or ingenious giftbox?

T-shirt jako figurka

Adorable figure holds a secret. In fact, it's a handmade shaped t-shirt! If there is a need, you can cut a thread on the figure to return t-shirt to its original and practical form.

Boxed t-shirt

We can pack t-shirt in a way that part of it, pushed out in a box, creates a shape you want. With such a giftbox, you can express more!


Print made on a t-shirt can be visible also on a figure's belly or back. Additionally or alternatively we can make print on decoration element (e.x. on clothes, neckerchief or hat)




WOW effect


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